Connecting with Mother energies

Mother’s Day is a time to honour the role of the mother in society, but there are many facets to a mother. The mythologies of the Norse and Egyptian peoples abound in examples of motherly, nurturing, protective, fierce and magical women. If only society today could recognise that ‘mother’ can mean so many things. The following are some of my suggestions for honouring the divine feminine in your life on Mother’s Day, including a couple of less conventional ones.


  • Frigga showed great determination in trying to protect her son Balder after he had terrible dreams of death. She roamed the worlds gaining promises from all things that they would not harm him. She was also a goddess associated with childbirth. Call upon her for the protection of your loved ones, even if there seems no hope, and for a safe pregnancy if you are expecting.
  • Despite being best known as a goddess of love, Freyja is also a goddess of fertility, so call on her for help conceiving. She travelled far and wide searching for her missing husband, Odr, weeping tears that became amber or gold. If the father of your child is some place far away and you wish him to return home safely perhaps Freyja will help you.
  • If your family needs a loving, safe environment to express themselves when others may look down on them call in Sigyn. To devote yourself to a husband many dislike and despise takes courage and immense love, but Sigyn stood by Loki; perhaps seeing something in him others could not.
  • For the archetypal Earth Mother call on Jord. Her bounty nourishes all. Call her into your home to bring blessings and abundance to your family.
  • Audhumla, the primeval cow, could be called upon to nourish babies and young children, and to encourage milk-flow in new mothers.
  • Those who have lost children could call on Frigga or Sigyn . Both lost beloved children and can understand loss. If you wish to you might call on Hella. The mistress of Hel is ‘mother’ to all of those who do not end up in Odin or Freyja’s halls. She cares for those within her realm.
  • If you want a less traditional option call on Loki. He is, after all, the mother of Sleipnir as well as the father of his other offspring. Just be careful to clarify why you’re calling him in, though; he is the trickster extraordinaire. If you are not used to working with him and are apprehensive perhaps ask advice first from someone who has worked with him.


  • The archetypal Mother in ancient Egypt was Isis. She went to great lengths to conceive her son Horus, and then to protect him from his uncle Set so that he might live to avenge the death of his father. If you have trouble conceiving, or if your child needs help to grow to maturity, call on Isis.
  • Another goddess to call on for help conceiving is Bast. As the mother of many kittens she is both fertile and patient. ·    Nut, as the sky, carries the sun god Ra in her body throughout the night, birthing him to bring about the dawn. Call on her for help with a safe pregnancy.
  • For safe delivery Taweret and the god Bes are good to call in. Bes will also keep any lesser spirits at bay.
  • Hathor as the celestial cow can nourish babies and young children, as well as help to promote a healthy flow of milk. As a goddess of love she may help you conceive too.
  • For protecting a child, particularly a son, Mut as divine mother and protector of the King could prove a useful ally.
  • As a less conventional option you could call on Atum. He was said to have brought the universe into being through ‘making love to his hand’, his orgasm bringing everything into being. As such Atum also has a feminine, mother aspect, though his hand later became embodied by the goddess Iusas.

These are just some of my suggestions, and there are many more deities who could help. Find your own way of working with them; some may prefer ritual, others a less formal ‘hello’. I hope this has given you some food for thought, and let me know if you have any success, or your own recommendations.

DISCLAIMER: I must state that these are suggestions, and I cannot guarantee any kind of success.


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