Modern ‘Monuments Men’ being set up

According to the i newspaper (an offshoot of The Independent) there are talks to set up a modern day version of the ‘Monuments Men’ to rescue artefacts under threat from IS/Daesh.

Copied from Press Reader

Copied from Press Reader


The Problem with Piety

Although I don’t always agree with Ms Krasskova’s personal views this article gives a rather surprising and very interesting insight into the pre-monotheistic meaning of the word piety.

Gangleri's Grove

Piety is a hard word for a lot of us. I don’t have a particular problem with it, but I suspect that’s because I had good models personally and I’ve also spent the last ten years immersed academically in ancient texts wherein piety was a good thing, and presented without the baggage both of Christian influence and modern disbelief. Words mean things. They’re important. They’re building blocks of communication, and containers of culture and experience. To speak is an act of translation — a process that right there is already fraught with the potential for grievous misunderstanding (there’s an Italian saying, known to every translator: “translator:traitor.” The translator always betrays the original material by the very act of translation, necessary though it might be). We are translating our experiences and desires from the immediate but abstract realm of our own interior world into something that can influence others, even if…

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Driveway Hoard

We have a gravel driveway and I’ve found some interesting pieces on it over the time we’ve had it. Yesterday I found some belemnite remnants, some fossilised shells and a hole-y stone. Dad also found a couple of bits of ammonite for me. I thought the belemnites and shells would be perfect for Aegir, Ran and their daughters, being the remains of ancient sea creatures. The ammonites would be a good representation of Jormungand, and the hole-y stone for Odin since in the Mead myth he turned himself into a serpent to wriggle through a hole.
I also found a perfectly round natural bead, and Sigyn has claimed it for Herself. I haven’t photographed it though because I hope to make a necklace or some other offering with it.


Karnak targeted by suicide bomber

Karnak Temple was targeted by suicide bombers this morning. Fortunately they didn’t actually get into the temple but a number of people were injured.
Karnak is my most beloved Egyptian temple, I had a very special experience with a statute of Mut there. I wish others would stop imposing their religious values on everyone else and stop targeting our heritage sites. It makes me realise how much we can take them for granted. Do they really feel so insecure in the power of their beliefs that they have to destroy what came before? I feel so sad right now.

New Page

Just to let you know I now have a new page with links to my various Pinterest boards. They include articles on Paganism, as well as pictures of various Pagan-related interests. I have also started boards to collect pictures of various members of the Norse pantheon. When I have those done I will start on the Egyptians.

My Love For the Old Ones

  I don’t believe in just one God, I believe in many Beings; Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, Elementals, Angels, even the planets and the universe itself have consciousness to me. In a world where logic and cold hard facts rule it can, at times, seem a lonely place. Fill that world instead with respect for all things, see the food we grow, the planet we live on and the expressions of life as living, ‘breathing’ beings and everything takes on another dimension. You are no longer alone as every inch is filled with life.

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