My Love For the Old Ones

  I don’t believe in just one God, I believe in many Beings; Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, Elementals, Angels, even the planets and the universe itself have consciousness to me. In a world where logic and cold hard facts rule it can, at times, seem a lonely place. Fill that world instead with respect for all things, see the food we grow, the planet we live on and the expressions of life as living, ‘breathing’ beings and everything takes on another dimension. You are no longer alone as every inch is filled with life.

  For some one God is enough, but not for me. I have nothing against those who believe solely in the One God; I believe he exists, but I find more meaning in the connection I feel to the Old Ones. They feel closer to me, they have flaws and passions as we do. They are not ‘perfect’ and yet they are, in their imperfection, whole. I can connect better to them, identify more with them, and most of all I can ‘see’ their magic in the world around me.

  The One God is in everything and yet distant to me, but Thor is in the rumble of thunder, Odin in words of wisdom, Freyja in the stalking of my feline neighbours, and Loki in the unpredictability of mankind. I see Thoth in the moon, feel the Aten’s rays when Ra’s disk graces our grey isle, and I see Kwan Yin in acts of love and charity. To me the world is alive with colour, vivacity and vibrancy because of these Beings. To me the world has magic remaining because of them. Their tangible presence in life itself, in all its intricacies and quirks, helps me through when times may seem dark.

  I love living my life, such as it is, with all its limitations of illness and circumstance, because I believe in them. I keep treading my pathway, placing one foot in front of the other because they breathe life into my life. I in turn honour and love them. I count my blessings every day that I have such a belief, for the world would seem bleak otherwise. Such faith is not always easy or socially acceptable but it is true to my heart, and that is what really matters.

  I remain, grow and am more because of my belief in them. In researching them I have also reconnected to my Scandinavian ancestors’ heritage. I have discovered more of Me this last year than I believe I have ever done before. I have still experienced loss, disappointment and uncertainty, pain and fear, but I have also started to find my voice, new ways to express myself, and a feeling of surety. This surety is above the physical, mental and emotional. I feel there is more out there. I am constantly inspired by my belief in them, constantly evolving, changing, shifting into new ideas and ways of thinking.

  Who knows where it may lead? Maybe the Old Ones know, or perhaps they’re not privy to it, but I’ll travel this journey with them by my side, always in my mind and out there in the world around me.


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