Those moments when…

You know you’re truly obsessed devoted when you see a squirrel up a tree and it reminds you of Ratatosk climbing Yggdrasil, or you walk past some beautiful pink and lilac sweet-peas and think, “Ooh, Sigyn would love them!”

Yep, I’ve got it bad.



My Susan Seddon Boulet calendar Goddess for July is Hella. I find this appropriate because I’ve felt an increasingly strong connection to her over the last month. I associate her not only with the Underworld and literal death, but the shedding of old ideas, thought patterns and things that no longer serve us or are relevant. Since she takes into her Halls those who, among others, die of sickness I also associate her with the unpredictable nature of illness.
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Ariadne’s Axe: We Haven’t Been Sleeping

This is exactly what I feel about Them. I love the lore, but They evolve, They aren’t restrained to the fragments we have left.

Magick From Scratch

Do you ever wonder at it? This whole thing where people construct their whole practice out of ancient mythology? It’s like they imagine that someone, some two thousand years ago (a little less) hit the pause button.

There is no cosmic pause button. The gods are not figments or toys that vanish when humans can’t see them. We do not cease to think, or learn, or grow because you’ve forgotten about us.

It is time to ask yourselves, “What have the gods been doing since then?”

Then, I don’t know. Maybe somehow integrate that into your practice. Or — Quelle scandale! — write new mythology to reflect what the gods might have learned from what happened to their ancients cults.

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