Freyr and the Boar

While watching Countryfile in December 2015 I was fascinated by a report on boars in the Forest of Dean. Years ago some escaped from enclosures and have now colonised the woods. There is some debate about whether wild boars should be reintroduced to certain areas of Britain.
It made me think of Freyr’s boar Gullinbursti. Boars are tenacious creatures, hardy and good at foraging for food; quite a fitting companion for a God whose grain and bounty has to keep people going during the lean Winter months.
If you are devoted to Freyr, or wish to work closely with him, perhaps looking into conservation or reintroduction of the wild boar will be appreciated.

Countryfile episode: The Peaks – December 13th 2015


4 thoughts on “Freyr and the Boar

  1. They’re also dangerous animals when cornered or threatened, which I find highly significant, since Freyr has a warrior side that’s not always obvious, namely a protective or defensive one. This is also true for His sister, who also has a golden boar and a bellic aspect.

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