New Year and the Ouroboros

The symbol of a snake biting its own tail is prominent in Norse mythology. Many associate Jormungand with Ragnarok and the end of the worlds, but this is not the whole story.

Snakes in general represent renewal as they shed their skin. They were also ancient symbols of fertility, and could represent both male and female power, depending on the culture.
In biting its own tail the ouroboros is the ever-turning wheel of the cosmos. It is the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Just as the world keeps turning and the seasons keep changing, our lives keep shifting, following an ever-moving cycle. Sometimes we have ups, sometimes downs, but our lives always keep moving, even if we ourselves feel stuck or static.
Time itself is one great cycle, always moving, yet in itself is not linear. It contains beginnings and endings, but has no beginning and no end. Just like the ouroboros.
So when you make your plans or vows for 2016, bear in mind Jormungand. While to some (s)he may represent destruction, this is just one aspect. Think on the symbolism of the ouroboros and look deeper to the messages hidden beneath. If you seek renewal, a fresh start, a ‘new you’, or the end of old habits, behaviours and ways of being, then call on Jormungand. The Midgard Serpent may just listen; serpents are, after all, very good at sensing things.



2 thoughts on “New Year and the Ouroboros

  1. Good words – and for me at least, the timing is pretty close, as I have just for the past month taken to wearing a necklace with a stromatolite pendant that has an Ouroboros suspended in front of it. I’ve been having issues with an old necklace – one where I have been wearing the chain for over 25 years, and the pendant (a “wolf’s cross” mounted in front of a custom Munin / Odin’s Eye pendant) for about 15 years. The whole necklace simply stopped feeling ‘right.’ So I started getting a few other things and a month ago just felt inspired to combine two other pendants that I wasn’t wearing (they felt right to buy, but not to wear individually). What I’m wearing now feels right; and as it so happens, much in my life is changing into a new cycle 🙂 I also wear a ring sometimes that has a Celtic dragon around it … when taken into consideration with my having been bitten twice by rattlesnakes and not having felt any effects (they do not always use their venom when they bite), I’d say snake is something that has been a part of my life for a while, and maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start taking a closer look at this 😉

    I wish you a good start in 2016!

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