Valentine’s Day Devotional Ideas

Perhaps Valentine’s Day is just another day for you, whether you have a significant other or not. Why not make it an ocassion to show the Deities who mean the most to you just how important They are.

If you’re a romantic at heart a poem or musing would be a nice idea, or write them a letter.
Planting a tree or buying a potted plant is a thoughtful gift for nature deities, especially ones with associations to specific trees or plants.
Get outside if you can. Most of the Deities are associated with the great outdoors in some way, whether it be through wandering (Odin, Frigga and Freyja), nature (Frejya, Freyr, Jord, Sif, Idunn), the element of air (Odin, Freyja, Loki, Thor), bodies of water (Aegir & Ran, Njord, Jormungand), or the planets themselves (Jord, Sol, Sunna, Mani). Even if it’s raining this connects to Thor, as he sends rain to helps crops flourish.

I’ve read in various books and online how various Gods and Goddesses favour certain foods; why not leave an offering for Them, or make a meal with foods They might like and eat it to remind you of Them. I have a few ideas for you in the next post – I warn you that some aren’t conventional, and they are not to be taken too seriously.

Simple things like cleaning and cleansing your sacred space and any shrines, statues and items you keep out for Them will also freshen the energies and connections between you. To continue the Valentine’s theme wash your items with rose water. If you don’t have a lot use the rose water on a cotton wool pad or cloth and gently wipe over the surfaces. You can also use it to spritz your sacred space and bedroom. Anoint any Deity statues with a drop of rose oil.

Most of all, just tell Them how much They mean to you, how important They are in your life, and thank Them for being a part of it. This goes for human, animal and non-Deity Beloveds too.
Hapy Valentine’s Day.


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