Valentine’s Day Food For Norse Deities

In my previous post I listed a few ideas of how to connect with the Deities on Valentine’s Day. One of these was through the medium of food, so here are a few suggestions of my own. Some may seem fairly obvious, but others are a play on attributes, words, or just a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun. I wanted them to be items you could just quickly nip to the shops and find, although obviously this depends on your location, your local shops and country.
Don’t take them too seriously, and I apologise especially to Tyr, and any of his followers for the crisps recommendation – I just couldn’t resist. Hopefully He and you will forgive me!

-Kendal Mint Cake – a staple for many walkers, hikers and climbers.
-Walkers crisps – It’s in the name.
-Gummy bears – Berserker connection.
-Asparagus – because they’re spears.
-Mikado sticks – spear-shaped.

-Wagon Wheel – represents the wheel of time.
-Spaghetti – representing the strands of Fate.
-Loose tea – for divination purposes, you can erad the tea leaves after.
-Jelly Babies – connection to children and her role in childbirth.

-Bread, cakes and pastries.
-Honey – golden like amber and gold.
-Truffles – pigs can root our truffles, so a connection to her boar companion.
-Love Hearts – little messages of love.
-Chocolate – many a person’s indulgence; said to be an aphrodisiac.

-Bread, cakes and pastries.
-Truffles – pigs can root our truffles, so a connection to his boar companion.
-Chocolate – many a person’s indulgence; said to be an aphrodisiac.
-Asparagus – aphrodisia, phallic-shaped.

-Popping candy – representative of a storm.
-Mars Bar – Thor was equated with Mars, the Roman God of War.
-Wedding cake – Thor hallows unions with Mjollnir.
-Leeks – links to fertility.

-Bread, cakes and pastries.
-Rye bread.

-Anything made with apples: tarts, crumble, turnover, sauce, cider.
-Walnuts & hazelnuts – Loki changed Idunn into a walnut to rescue her from Thiazzi.
-Nutella – hazelnut connection.
-Praline – hazelnut connection.
-Walnut Whip – walnut connection.
-Marzipan fruit – preferably the ones that look like apples.

-Alphabet spaghetti – he has a way with words.

-Skittles – “taste the rainbow”.
-Fruit Polos – because they come in rainbow colours.
-Carrots – good for eyesight, so appropiate for the watchman of the Gods.
-Corn on the cob/sweetcorn – reminiscent of Heimdall’s golden teeth.

-Monster Munch – FORGIVE ME TYR! They’re hand-shaped and he did have his hand muched off by a ‘monster’ (sorry Fenrir).

– Sweet fruits from sunny climates: oranges, melons, bananas, etc. – Balder was seen as golden and shining.
-Honey – golden.
-Corn on the cob/sweetcorn – golden.
-Twix – twins/brothers connection.
-Kit Kat – twins/brothers connection.

-Twix – twins/brothers connection.
-Kit Kat – twins/brothers connection.

-Salty foods – sea salt is best.
-Salted caramel, sea salt chocolate.
-Fish and chips – a staple of the British seaside.
-Waffles or Potato Waffles – to represent Ran’s net.
-Water biscuits – name connection.

-Frozen foods – both are connected with ice and snow.
-Ice cream.
-Frozen Yoghurt.
-Ice lollies.
-Slush Puppy.

-After Eight Mints – since he’s mostly around in the evenings.
-White marshmallows – moon-like.
-Holey cheese – that old chestnut about the moon being made of cheese.
-Oreos – representing a lunar eclipse.
-Onions – look like the moon when peeled.

-Oats – suposedly horses like them.
-Flapjacks – oats.
-Sweet grasses, like lemongrass.
-Horseradish – it’s in the name.

-Dairy products – milk, cream, ice cream, yoghurt, cheese (sepecially if it’s the Laughing Cow variety).
-Fudge – made with milk.
-Milk Bottle sweets.
-Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate.
-Milky Bar.
-Millky Way.

-Spicy food – he has a rather fiery personality.
-Chilli chocolate.
-Snickers bar – because he always seems to find something to snicker about, and they’re both a bit nutty.
-Popping candy – unpredictable.
-Sour sweets – Loki is adept at insults and has a sharp tongue at times.
-Lemons, grapefruit.
-Love Hearts – reference to him eating Gullveig’s burnt heart.
-Gobstoppers – representing when he had his lips sewn shut by Brokk the Dwarf.
-Crystallised ginger – Many see Loki as a redhead, or certainly a fiery personality.

-Marshmallows – soft and sweet.
-Sugared almonds – pretty to look at but tough.
-Love Hearts – Sigyn has a tremendous amount of love for her family. She stuck by Loki throughout his ordeal in the cave. She chose to be there with him.

-Twix – brothers connection.
-Kit Kat – brothers connection.

-Death by chocolate – it’s in the name.
-Fermented foods – pickles, etc.
-Mould-rich cheese.

-Meat of any kind, preferably raw.
-Black pudding – for those of you who don’t know this is made with dried blood, amongst other things.

-Eggs – snakes in the wild eat eggs.
-Sugar mice – snakes eat mice and rodents.
-Eels – serpentine form.
-Spaghetti – serpent-like.
-Jelly snakes.
-Pretzels – no seeming beginning or end.
-Circle or hoop-shaped foods – onion rings, Hula Hoops, spagheti hoops, doughnuts, etc.

**DISCLAIMER: I have no afiliation to the brands or products listed, other alternatives are available.**


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