Friday Finds 06

Today I am introducing PantheonSkulptur. Stina lives in Sweden and makes resin statues of the Norse Gods and goddesses, which she then gilds with brass leaf.

The Freya, Frigga, Thor, Skadi and Jord/Gerd statues have already sold, but maybe if you messaged Stina she would be able to make another.

Edit: Hella statue is now mine. Channelling Gollum: come to me my preciousss.










Latest Arrivals 01

I’ve had a really rubbish few months health-wise and decided I needed to inject a bit more magic into my life. 
I’ve been waiting for Magic in Ancient Egypt to come down in price for quite some time, and I finally found a new copy that wasn’t too expensive. I’ll try to do a book review when I finish it. I am particularly interested in the use of amulets, especially ones relating to Deities.

 I’ve started watching Once Upon a Time again with mum as well. I haven’t seen past series 2 since they stopped showing it in the UK, so I’m looking forward to finding out what’s happened to all my favourite characters. Just got to find season 3 at a reasonable price now.  Although, as Rumple says, “All magic comes with a price.”