Samhain 2016 -Altar/Shrine pics

Last night I had the pleasure of setting up two extra altar/shrine areas, alongside the shrine for my Beloveds.

The first was for family members, including my much-loved and much-missed cat Orlando. I enjoyed setting up this one the most, as it made me look through all my photos and bits and bobs I have as keepsakes. The camera belonged to either my grandad or my Norwegian great-grandad, the dreamcatcher centre was brought back from Canada by my Uncle Tony. The door stop was from my Nanny’s house, and the Little Mermaid statue is a nod to her being born in Denmark. The Aragonite was my Aunty Tina’s. The little clay piece in front of Orlando’s photo is a paw print I took from him about a year before he passed away, and there’s also a lock of his fur. Presiding over the shrine on either side are Hella and Anubis. There are scarabs and a fabric lotus there too, as symbols of the cycles of life, death and rebirth. The lists you can see are names of my family members, and of family friends and pets.  The second was set up on a book shelf for the Fairies and local land Spirits. The little Fairy door is made from Elder, a favourite of mine, which grows well in our garden. The traditional offering of milk was left in a nature-themed cup, and an apple was left out as well. I didn’t have any bread or cake, so I left out one of my Free From bourbon biscuits as a sweet treat.

My main altar was set up with candles, and I left water, mead and food offerings for my Beloveds. The left side is mostly for my Egyptian Beloveds, but encompasses those of other pantheons as well. The right side is always reserved for Loki and his family. Because Hella was on my family shrine, Loki and Sigyn, Jormungand and Vali & Narvi got this all to themselves for the night.

I loved seeing it all lit up for the evening, it was a very special experience for me, and made me feel a lot closer to my family who have passed too. Even my mum came up and stood at the family shrine for a while. I went to sleep feeling very grateful and blessed to feel such connections, and to have the beliefs I do, and the freedom to practice as I choose.




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