Lincoln Christmas Market – including the Medieval Market!

I made it! Last year mum wasn’t well enough so I didn’t go, and even though I had a migraine overnight I was determined to make it this year. The Lincoln Christmas Market is usually the highlight of my year. It’s spread out across the top of the city, winding through streets and even invading the Cathedral and Castle grounds. If I’ve been feeling ‘bah humbug’ about Christmas music this event usually cures me of it.
Sellers from all over Europe attend, so there’s usually quite a wide variety of items to look at.
Because many of the items are handmade I have included names and links to websites or pages where possible.
The photos are a mix of mine and mum’s, depending on who had the better photos. Most of the buildings photos are mum’s.

Last year at a different event I bought a cute handmade dragon. I was unable to make it to the same event this year, so imagine my delight when I saw in a local craft conglomerate page that the ‘dragon lady’ would be attending! We had used the park and ride from the Lincolnshire Showground and when we got off the bus the hall she was in was the first part of the Christmas Market we came to.
I raced straight to her and instantly fell in love with a dinosaur made of the same fabric as my dragon. I told her I had bought Dima from her last year, and she was very pleased to have a returning customer. I couldn’t seem to hand over my money quick enough, haha. I was like one of the seagulls off Finding Nemo – “mine!”
She makes a range of animals with moveable limbs, and I hope to buy another dragon or dinosaur from her next year too.
Facebook page:
Here is a pic of the lovely lady from JJ Originals.

Meet the very imaginatively named Dinah the dinosaur.

And this is Dinah with my dragon, Dima the Dreamer.

When we came out the next area had craft tents and a mini fairground. My favourite artisans here were Zoo Ceramics. Mum and I have bought items from them at other fairs over the years, and we both love the crows.
Facebook page:

There was even a double decker bus that had been converted into a bar! It wasn’t very busy when we went past but it was only around 1pm.

We made our way to the Cathedral area.


Lincoln Cathedral is a masterpiece of gothic architecture and its hard for me to describe just how stunningly beautiful a building it is. It’s one of my favourite buildings, alongside Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt. The Cathedral has been undergoing a lot of restoration work, including cleaning up the front facade. When you compare the front to the sides you can see just how much work the cleaning crews have done (see fourth pic).




We headed around the side to the Medieval Bishop’s Palace for the part of the Market I love the most – the Medieval Market. This is the only time of the year I can walk around in my cloak and not stick out like a sore thumb.

Me with dad at the entrance to the Medieval Market:



I didn’t think to collect business cards until after we had left, so I’m afraid I don’t have the names of the sellers for the following items. I’m going to see if I can contact the organisers and get their details.

Part of the Medieval Market was in the old cellars. It’s very atmospheric but difficult to photograph.

Mum took a (blurry) picture of me next to House of Freyja because this is where I bought both of my cloaks from. I have a lovely green velvet one as well as the one you can see me wearing here. This one is made of polar fleece – recycled bottles!
Facebook page:
Blatant bit of advertising for them:


We also saw these amazing leatherwork masks made by the Barefoot Leather Workshop. Sorry about the picture quality, they have much better photos on their website:

It was starting to get dark by the time we came out and we made our way to the Castle.
A view looking back at the Cathedral.

The Tourist Information office, and a view down Steep Hill – the clue is in the name!


Lincoln Castle houses one of the few remaining copies of the Magna Carta, and now has a specially built vault to preserve it.
Within the walls are also the old Victorian prison and Lincoln Court House.


Inside there were lots of huts selling handcrafted and gifts items. There were also food and drink stalls. It’s very pretty when it’s just getting dark because all of the huts have fairy lights on the outside. I bought some very tasty freshly cooked honey-roast cashew nuts while we were there.


These in particular caught my eye – they are metal bird feeder ‘trees’ and are made by a company called Handmade in Norfolk.

Russian dolls.

Dad sampled some of the Real Ale from here and said it was very good.

On the way out of the Castle we entered The Lawn, which was filled with different food stalls and some giftware.

Although it completely wore me out I really enjoyed myself. I’m glad I made the effort to go, despite feeling unwell in the morning, and I was rewarded for my efforts with a £2 coin I found on the ground as we were leaving The Lawn to head back to the bus. I hope to enjoy the Lincoln Christmas Market for many more years to come.


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