Devotional tips for those with chronic illnesses and limited energy

For those of us with limited energy reserves or physical capabilities it can sometimes be difficult to do devotions. So I thought I’d share a few things that have helped in my own practice.

  • Have some sort of visible ritual calendar so you don’t forget important dates. If your calendar has large enough daily sections write the dates on in a different colour to normal entries. A wipe-board is also useful for this purpose, especially if you want to write notes of supplies or ideas for rituals and prayers. If you have to be in bed a lot have this where you can see it clearly.p1050753
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t do the devotions! Just talk to Them, apologise for not being able to do the devotions, but tell Them that you still honour and love Them.
  • Say good morning and goodnight to Them. It’s a simple greeting but brings Them into your daily life even if you’re not able to do devotions.
  • Usually cleansing of some sort is appropriate when entering the sacred space of the shrine or devotional area. If you don’t have the energy to wash, or the focus to mentally cleanse, make up an aura spray for that purpose. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just water and some salt in a spray bottle is a good start. You can add more ingredients if you wish to. Use before devotions or when you want to talk to Them about anything specific or important.
  • If you can manage nothing else try to put a glass of water out for Them. It is a basic offering but shows you’re committed and making an effort.


  • If you need to spend a lot of time in one room set up a shrine area there. It makes it easier to visit, and sometimes you just need to talk to Them. It helps having that physical sacred space nearby.
  • If you have to spend a lot of time in bed make sure you can easily see your shrine or sacred space. If this is not possible have some pictures of your Beloved(s) on the wall nearest your bed.


  • Make up a cork board with your favourite pictures of Them. It can act as a portable shrine for when you’re stuck in bed. You can hang this up next to your bed if you have to spend more time there.
  • If you have to go into hospital or away for a few days make up a fold-up shrine similar to the cork board.
  • As an alternative to a fold-up shrine make or buy some prayer beads. They act as a good focus when you can’t get out of bed, as well as when you wish to say prayers. They can also be wrapped around your wrist to make a more conspicuous devotional anchor.


  • Create a playlist of songs and music that remind you of particular Deities. Play them when you need to feel close to your Beloved(s) or you don’t have the concentration to connect with Them.
  • Write a poem. It is free and if it comes from the heart it is a lovely, very personal offering. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, and it doesn’t have to be long. If spoken with feeling it can be worth even more than an expensive gift.
  • Take inspiration from your Beloved(s) and write a musing about a particular aspect of Them or how They’ve  changed your life.
  • Read a book about Them. It is a form of devotion because you are focusing on learning more.



  • Doodle a picture or create a little crafty gift for Them. As with poems this is creative devotional work, and you are also giving Them the gift of your time as well as precious mental and physical energy.


  • Meditation is good for all sorts of reasons, so why not combine it to focus on Them?
  • Dedicate your self-care routine to Them. If you take better care of yourself it means you take Their interest in you seriously, and in some cases it can mean you are a better channel for Their energies to work through you.

These are just a few simple ideas, but I hope they provide some food for thought. let me know if you try any and find them useful.


Sources for certain items:

First picture – turquoise and gold Hathor ceramic shrine: De Baun Fine Ceramics, Etsy.
Second picturepraying Day of the Dead card: WeeBlooCoo, Etsy.
Third picture – heart pendant: masquebeads, Etsy.
– Hella prayer beads made by me.
– Loki & Sigyn sigil pendants made by me.
Sixth picture – painting and mini snaptun stone made by me.


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