Sigyn and holding space

During a healing treatment yesterday Sigyn came to me. She gave me a revelation of a part of modern life she embodies: that of holding space.

Sigyn teaches us the sacred basics of holding space for another, whether they are in pain, are suffering or need a shoulder to cry on.

First she catches you in her bowl so you cannot fall further. Her strong, loving arms hold you in the bowl, supporting you while giving you space.
She collects the poison, your hurts, pain and tears, and then tips it away. She listens but she does not take these emotions into herself.
Like everyone she also needs a little time away to regroup and collect herself; to pour away her own poison, or to rest a while.
Then she returns, strong and ready, prepared to hold the bowl once more.

Sigyn is a healer, and in this role her magics are love, humility, strength and compassion.


Side note: how lovely that her teaching in this should be my 100th post.

If you would like to learn more about holding space I can recommend Holding Space: a Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First by Amanda Dobra Hope. It’s available in paperback and kindle format.
I also found this article helpful:

11 thoughts on “Sigyn and holding space

  1. The most devout Sigyn’s person I ever knew connected to Sigyn best through cleaning. She said that it was a holy thing to maintain space, whether holding space for others, or maintaining one’s own space in such a way that nothing malignant can find purchase. It was an amazing lesson. May Sigyn always be hailed. 🙂

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  3. Thank you very much. I am glad the book is serving its purpose as a resource on the art of holding space, and why it is so important that we honor ourselves for the energy it takes. Thank you for your recommendation. Great blog as well. Very rich in symbolic information. A great resource! I will pass it on.

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