Fafnir’s Hoard

Fafnir’s Hoard

A selection of Books, Articles and Links I have found particularly useful, informative or enjoyable.
(List to be updated)


Norse Mythology:

▪ Myths of the Norsemen – H.A. Guerber
(A beginner-friendly re-telling of the Norse tales, keeping the feel of the Eddas while making them accessible to a new audience.)
▪ Norse Mythology A to Z – Kathleen N. Daly
(An simple but extensive A to Z. Most of the entries are rather short and basic, but a good starting point.)
▪ Some Controversial Aspects of the Myth of Balder – Anatoly Liberman

(Explores various aspects of the Myth of Balder, including Hoder and Loki. SEE MY REVIEW HERE)
▪ The Gods of the Vikings: Exploring the Norse Gods, Myths and legends Through the Days of the Week – Marion Pearce
(Informative with some interesting information relating to place names.)
▪ The Elder Edda – Andy Orchard
(A translation of the Elder Edda, from the Codex Regius rather than Snorri Strulusson’s Edda.)
▪ The Ring of the Dark Elves – Victoria Randall
(A vivid re-telling of the Volsung sagas.)
▪ The Terrible One’s Horse: Revealing the Secrets of Norse Myth – August Hunt
(Interesting look at some of the myths and alternative interpretations. A little disjointed and hard to follow in places, but some interesting ideas.)

Individual Studies of Norse Deities + Norse Devotionals:

▪ Feeding The Flame: A Devotional to Loki and His Family – Galina Krasskova
(Good-sized book devoted to Loki, Sigyn, Angrboda, Fenrir, Jormungand, Hela, Vali and Narvi, and even Sleipnir. Articles and poems of varying interest and quality on Loki and his family. A lot of UPG)
▪ Playing With Fire: An Exploration of Loki Laufeyjarson – Dagulf Loptson
(Part devotional, part historical study. My favourite book on Loki. Available as paperback, pdf or epub/kindle.)
▪ Sigyn: Our Lady of Staying Power – Galina Krasskova
(Devotional – A very short book, but gives information on what little is known of the goddess from the myths. Includes meditations on the goddess, poems and ideas for altar furnishing. A lot of UPG)
▪ Wholly: A Devotional For Hela – Dagian Madir
(Some interesting chapters and lovely illustrations. A lot of UPG.)

Norse and Viking History:
▪ Germania – Tacitus
(A Roman view of Germanic culture across Europe, with some fascinating allusions to casting lots and Seidr, as well as the importance of horses.)
▪ The Real Middle Earth – Brian Bates
(Although exploring the mythological origins of Tolkien’s world, this book looks at various aspects of the Norse myths.)
▪ Vikings: A History – Neil Oliver
(A great overview of the history and culture of the Northmen using up-to-date archaeological evidence. Has an easy but informative reading style, but there’s not much about the gods and goddesses.)

Norse Runes and Magic:

▪ Seidr: The Gate is Open – Katie Gerrard

The Northern Tradition Today and Heathenry:

▪ Embracing Heathenry – Larisa Hunter
(An interesting book covering a range of topics dealing with modern heathenry.)
▪ Our Troth Vol. 1: History & Lore – Kveldulf Gundarsson
(A really in-depth look at the history, gods and goddesses of the tradition.)

Norse Paganism, Other:

▪ Encyclopedia of Spirits – Judika Illes
(Has various entries on Norse gods and goddesses with varying amounts of information.)
▪ The Witches’ God – Janet & Stewart Farrar
(Although a book on gods in general, this includes some very interesting chapters on Loki and Wayland the Smith. Also explored in separate chapters are themes integral to understanding more about the Norse myths.)
▪ The Witches’ Goddess – Janet & Stewart Farrar
(A book on goddesses in general, exploring themes integral to understanding more about the Norse myths. Unfortunately there are no individual chapters dedicated to Norse goddesses)
▪ Vs. Duality and Conflict in Magick, Mythology and Paganism – Edited by Kim Huggens
(Some very interesting articles that will help shed light on aspects of the Norse myths, gods and goddesses in varying degrees. One article of particular interest is ‘Are Freyja and Frigga the Same Goddess?’ by Katie Gerrard.)

Norse – Other:

▪ Gender and Transgender in Modern Paganism – Various authors
(Some thought provoking articles, and snippets may also be of use to those studying Loki)
▪ Níð, Ergi and Old Norse Moral Attitudes – Folke Ström
(A fascinating study of the terms and history behind some of the most slanderous insults in Norse life and the Eddas; I will be preparing a review. Essential for understanding some of the threats levelled against Loki and Odin in the Lokasenna.)
▪ The Dark Man – Deboarh Wells
(The psychology, symbolism and meaning of the Dark Man. Relevant to anyone wanting to explore more about the darker nature of Loki in a different context.)


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