About Me

Hi, my name is Michelle and I am a devotional Polytheist with a strong spiritual, Witchy, Mystic and geeky streak. I like to find connections to the Deities and the cultures they come from in a way that is relevant today.
I follow no set tradition, only a pathway that feels right for me. I honour and work with a number of Deities. My personal devotional practice centres around Loki, Sigyn, Hella and their family, as well as a number of Beloveds from the Egyptian pantheon. I have a fondness for Quan Yin, Persephone and Hades, Gwynn ap Nudd, Athena, Ganesh and Ixchel.

I am very fortunate to live near to a county Egyptology society, and love attending lectures when health permits. So far I have had two lecture reports published in their journal, and I currently run their Facebook page.

I like to honour the local land Spirits, and enjoy picking and drying berries and flowers. I have a particular connection with Hawthorn, Elder and Sloe.
I love birds so I’m a member of the RSPB, and I sponsor a puffin project.

I am trained in a number of complemetary therapies and healing practices, and enjoy reading books on Polytheism, devotional practice, spirituality and Paganism, mythology, archetypes, Shadow work, psychology, self-help and self-development.
I write poetry, some of which I share here on the blog, and I’m getting back to my love of painting and artwork again.
A favourite past-time of mine is creating aura sprays, aromatherapy & flower essence mixes. I also love making up different body scrubs and cleansing bath recipes.

I create unique devotional items to sell in my Etsy shop, and when I’m able to I love to find ‘homeless’ Deity statues and quirky altar finds to sell there too.

I curate a number of Pinterest boards devoted to various Deities.
Northern Tamarisk also has a Facebook page.

The information here, unless stated, is my own interpretation, so if there is something that doesn’t resonate with you that’s fine.

A heads-up: I write about the so-called ‘darker’ deities as well as those more generally revered. If you are uncomfortable with this you don’t have to accept my views, and you don’t have to read those posts if you do not wish to.

Copyright notice: any work, unless otherwise stated, is my own, and I reserve the rights as copyright holder.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ridiculously excited to have stumbled upon your blog! I was born and raised in USA. My husband and I recently traveled to Ireland ’14 and Germany ’12. I can tell you without a doubt, the elemental realm was crystal clear in Ireland keeping in line with the island’s beliefs.


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