Gods, Goddesses and… Barbies?!

A couple of weeks ago we were sorting out the garage and mum and I came across all my old Barbies. The last couple of days I’ve been washing their clothes and wondering how many of them I’ll keep. I gave up Barbies a loooong time ago, but I came across a couple I thought would make a good Freyja and Sigyn, as well as a John Smith (from Pocahontas) who would probably make a good Loki, and another perhaps for Freyr, and I thought I wonder whether many people use them as God/Goddess substitutes instead of statues… Quite a few, it would seem, going by the wonders of a well-known search engine. Apart from the custom ones, some of which were very beautiful, I came across some actually made by Mattel that I would be tempted to buy if they had them over here for a decent price. Anyways, I thought I’d share a couple of the pics with a suggestion for a few of them:

If I could have any it would be this one, ‘Fantasy Goddess of the Americas’. Look at that costume! I’ve always been fascinated by costumes, sometimes I watch films for that reason alone.
Fantasy Goddess of the Americas Barbie
Faraway Forest Elf Barbie – good Celtic vibe to her, plus I love Elves.
Faraway Forest Elf Barbie
Queen of the Constellations Barbie – Hella in Gothic getup?
Queen of the constellations barbie
The Blonds: Blond Gold Barbie – Gullveig – She of the lust for gold.
The Blonds - Blond Gold Barbie
Goddess of Widsom Barbie – A lovely one of Athena; and I love the owl.
Goddess of Wisdom Barbie Doll


Fantasy Photography Friday

I have been interested in fantasy photography for a while now, so thought I would make a regular feature sharing some of the beautiful images I come across. The one that started it all was from Lunaesque Photography, so it seems fitting that my first post should be of their work. ‘The Time of the Elves’ is what sparked my love of this photography genre, so here are a small selection of my favourites from that series.

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The Time of the Elves 85f2a2123bff6d74624ce17b5ee54c23
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They have other series too, so I’ll be including my favourites from them in later posts.