My Pinterest Boards

On my Pinterest account I have various boards, including ones collecting pictures of various Gods and Goddesses. I update them when I am able to, but there are a lot of Deities to search for, and a lot of pictures to look through!
(UPDATED: May 2018)

Northern Tamarisk on Etsy – Keep updated with my new Etsy items.

Northern Tamarisk Articles – Keep up to date with new blog posts.

My Projects & Finds

Fafnir’s Hoard – Norse books and articles.

Thoth’s Library
– Egyptian books and articles.

Free PDFs (legal downloads) – Various PDF links relating to Ancient Egypt and Norse subjects, plus any others I find interesting.

Witchy, Pagan & Devotional

Elves, Fey, & Other Beings

Olde Worlde & Folk Music – Hammered Dulcimer, Taglharpa, Kulning and folk music.

Norse Mythology and Vikings

Ancient Egyptians

Deity Boards – ‘group’ boards with individual folders:

Norse DeitiesOdin, Frigga, Thor, Sif & Family, Tyr & Heimdall, Freyja, Freyr &Gerda, Skadi, Idunn & Bragi, Balder, Nanna & Hoder, Njord + Aegir, Ran & Their Daughters + Other Norse Deities.

Loki & FamilyLoki, Sigyn, Angerboda, Hella, Jormungand, Fenrir, Vali & Narvi, Sleipnir + Loki’s parents and siblings.

Egyptian DeitiesRa, Isis & Osiris, Horus & Sons, Set & Nephthys, Hathor, Bast, Sekhmet, Ptah & Nefertum, Anubis, Thoth, Mut, Amun & Khonsu, Bes & Taweret, Nut & Geb, Tefnut & Shu, Ammit & Sobek, Wadjet & Nekhbet + Other Egyptian Deities.

Other Deities & SpiritsHades & Persephone, Ixchel, Quan Yin, Gwyn ap Nudd, Greek & Roman Deities, Celtic & Germanic Deities, Mesoamerican Deities, Hindu Deities & Spirits, African Deities.



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