Detachment in Spirit Work 

Note: I’m not an expert on Spirit Work but I have been working with my own (personal, not professional) form for around 10 years now, and I do understand it may mean different things to different people. While I have made mistakes, and while I’m still learning and getting better acquainted with it as a more serious practice, I feel it’s important to get other people thinking about their own approach.

(EDIT: I removed a section relating to an experience with another Spirit Worker because leaving it up didn’t sit right with me.)

Detaching from our own mindset, baggage and filter is crucial for Spirit Work, but most especially when it is for someone we know. Obviously we all have a filter, but not thinking over what comes through with our own mindset seems like something that’s very important.

As my mum has begun her own Underworld journey I am having to learn this need for Detachment in Spirit Work myself. I have to ‘remove’ my own filter and just say what needs to be said. Of course I have to give interpretations of things that aren’t as clear-cut – like impressions, sensations, feelings and images – but it has been a really big learning curve for me. And I’m not infallible.
You can’t just ‘un-know’ someone but you can learn to detach and (temporarily) stop seeing this person as family member/ partner/ friend/ aquaintance. It’s about allowing the information to flow without over-thinking or over-analysing it in relation to us or what we already know about the person.
By doing this I’ve had to pass on some messages to my mum that I would prefer (as her daughter) she didn’t have to hear. But in my role as Messenger I can’t let that affect what she needs to be told. I might want to protect her from hearing those things, I might prefer for her not to have to hear certain things, but if I put it through my Daughter filter I won’t be doing the work Spirit/ Deity/ Whoever needs me to.

With someone we know we have to detach from the Family Member/ Partner/ Friend/ Acquaintance aspect of ourselves and assume the mantle of Spirit Worker.
This is not to say we have to ‘give it to them straight’ – we can warn or say it might not be what they wish to hear – but we shouldn’t alter or omit because we don’t want for them to have to hear something or because we might fear these things. We are the Spirit Worker. Interpreting and relaying the message is our job, not picking and choosing what we pass on.
This, to me, is basic responsible practice, and if done with care even the hardest, scariest or most awe-full messages can be passed on to give what is needed.


The Life Lessons of Penguin – World Penguin Day 2017

Today is World Penguin Day! For more info see this page:

Anyone who knows me knows I love penguins. These adorable, majestic birds feel like they make up a part of my very being, such is my abiding love for them.

Christmas gift

Penguins first came into my life in the form of a cuddly toy from my late Uncle Tony. The imaginatively named Pengy was a gift for my first Christmas and one of my favourite cuddly friends growing up. He still watches over me to this day.

As I grew so did my obsession with all things Penguin. When my Danish cousin came to visit in 2006 she counted all of my penguin items and the total was nearing 100. I’ve been trying to heal my hoarding tendencies the last few years so most of the penguins have found new homes, but my favourites remain.

When I started exploring spirituality in the early 2000’s I came across the concept of animal guides, or totems. I found it fascinating but also incredibly frustrating. Where was Penguin? Eventually I found a book that included my soul brethren, and I finally understood why Penguin feels so much a part of me.

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Showing my support for others with chronic illnesses and disabilities

To tie in with the Pagan Federation’s Online Midwinter Festival for others with chronic illnesses and disabilities I am ​sharing my #PJSelfie to show my support for all those with chronic illnesses and disabilities. I’ve had M.E., fibromyalgia, migraines and other stuff for around 14 years now. Although my parents see what I’m like every day my conditions are so-called ‘invisible’ illnesses. Many people with chronic conditions and disabilities have no real outward signs that they are affected. 

All too often I get told, “You look well,” and, “But you don’t look ill.” I usually really dislike having my photo taken, and I’m far too self-conscious but this is to raise awareness.  I often get told I look a lot younger than I am, and it’s worse without make-up. I still get asked for ID at 30, but apparently I’ll be grateful when I’m older.  #PJPagans #SolsticeSolidarity

You can catch up with most of the videos from the online festival on the Facebook page: