Shared: Hathor Devotional callout

Hathor Devotional Call Out! – see the full details here:

Bibliotheca Alexandrina is seeking submissions for Lady of the Sycamore: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Hathor. This anthology opens for submissions on 1st November 2016 and closes on 1st May 2017, with a projected release date of August 2017.

 Suggestions for possible contributions include, but are not limited to: prayers, heka, poetry, hymns, rituals, essays, short fiction, recipes, music, and artwork.


Link: Temple Ritual at Abydos by Rosalie David

From the Egypt Exploration Society ‘s Twitter feed:

New volume now available! Rosalie David’s ‘Temple Ritual at Abydos’, packed full of archive photos and watercolours:

From the website:

…Prof David added the complete translations and transliterations to the ritual inscriptions and revised the text; we selected images from the EES archives and especially from the 1930-50s Calverley & Broome folios with their magnificent watercolours…

The result is one the most ambitious volumes the EES has realised in some time and one of the most visually appealing too. On 392 pages you’ll find numerous line drawings, many full-colour reproductions of the scenes of ritual and sacrifice from the temple walls, and photographs from our archives.

Link: Egyptian Religious Calendar for 2017 now available

Amentet Neferet have released a 2017 edition of their wonderful Egyptian Religious Calendar. The book uses the same astronomical events the Ancient Egyptians would have used to calculate when their new year and seasons would begin, making it different from books that fit it in with our modern calendar. It details which Deity the day is sacred to and also the festivals the Egyptians would have celebrated. Sayings about appropriate behaviour and warnings from various Ancient Egyptian sources are also included in the daily digest.

I really love it, and am considering buying the digital version this year so I can upload it to my phone and kindle and take it with me wherever I want. Plus I have a habit of forgetting to check the paper edition I currently have as I like to keep my books tidied away. The only way I can think of improving the book is to have a spiral bound edition so you can leave it open on the relevant day’s page(s). That would have been a big help to me with the 2016 paperback I have now.

Here is the link to Amentet Neferet’s post:

We are very glad to announce that our book “EGYPTIAN RELIGIOUS CALENDAR – Great Year of Ra CDXVII-CDXVIII (2017 CE)”the Complete Egyptian Religious Calendar with all the religious prescriptions and the sacred festivities for the year 2017, is now available on both in paperback format and as a digital ebook…

Note: I have not received any incentive to promote this book. I am doing so because it has helped me in my own devotional practice.

Calling all Celtic Polytheists

My friend Heather Awen is creating a book for Celtic Pagans in prison and is looking for submissions. If you belong to the Celtic tradition, or honour any of the Deities involved please could you spread the word, or consider getting involved in the project?
Thank you.

Please repost, share on Facebook and Twitter, etc. Thanks! I’m the editor and main writer.

Call for Submissions: Steel Bars, Sacred Waters: Celtic Paganism for Prisoners

Seeking Celtic Reconstruction-based rituals, guided meditations and deity information rooted in Celtic tradition and creatively tailored for polytheists in prison.

Rituals solo & group for:
Epona’s Day
Imbolc (they make a paper Brigid’s Cross)
La na Caillich
Beltane/ Calen Mai
Midsummer (Aine perhaps)
Lughnasadh/ Festival of Carmun
Harvest practices
Moon phases
Daily devotions
Blessing children (perhaps not knowing where they are, like foster care)
Preparing to die
If someone dies (and you can’t be at the funeral)
Parole hearing success
Preparing to reenter outside world (with no money, clothing, home, job, but a stigma)
For healing

Guided meditations, stationary and walking. Some examples but please don’t feel limited!:
The Spoils of Annwn
Shapeshifting based on poem or myth
Land, sea and sky
St Brennan’s Voyage
The three internal cauldrons
Using the Ogham
Imbas or awen

Deities, the Good Neighbors and Culture Heroes. 2 or 3 paragraphs summarising the mythology. If they overlap like Finn, Sadb and Oisin in one story, you can group together.

Intro to the Tuatha De Danann (explain Lebor Gabala Erenn concisely, focus on Tuatha De Danann. Several pages. Remember individual deities will be covered elsewhere)

General intro to the Fianna (can be a few pages, explain their role, training, stories)

Information about the Fairies (can be several pages. Include protection from, offerings to, different types, from where they come, where they live, myth, how to treat them)

Elen of the Ways
Manannan Mac Lir
Dian Cecht
The Morrigan
The Dagda
Cu Chulain
Finn Mac Cumall
Bodb Derg (and any of his children important to you)

Special limitations: Some readers will have access to candles, some type of incense, and perhaps their own art supplies like colored pencils. Assume most will only have access to this book (no Internet or library), notebook paper, pen, tap water and basic Ogham knowledge. Most will have access to the yard or running track, but no trees. Some Pagan Circles are allowed to meet outside, while others cannot have any type of rituals without clergy from the outside. Writing style must be clear for low literate people. Nothing academic. Provide pronunciation guide for any words not in English. Black and white visual directions for dances, making origami, etc welcome. No shaming. We do not want to reinforce an identity as criminal. The focus is on people.

Why participate? 1% of Americans are in prison. The US incarcerates more of its population than any other nation. One and 27 children have a parent in prison. 80% of people in prison are there for drug related offenses. In the United States addiction is considered a disease, but there is rarely any treatment offered in prison. One in eight people are there for cannabis. The number of Pagans in prison is growing very quickly. Many learn about Paganism in prison – but unfortunately the most active pagan groups are white supremacists. We need quality materials for Pagans in prison. Already the Northern Tradition Paganism book Candles in the Cave has been well received and a Hellenic polytheist book is scheduled next.

As this book will be sold at no profit to people in prison, none of the writers are paid. (Contributors in prison will receive a copy of the book.) Your name will be included with any writing accepted. The book is an offering to the Deities and ancestors.

Send submissions as Word attachments to Email if you have book-related queries. No racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism or Celtic genetic or cultural superiority allowed. Deadline: May 15 2017