Sigyn & Moss Agate

When sorting through my hoard of spiritual information I came across some notes I’d taken from a magazine article a number of years ago about the uses of crystals in the home. Imagine my surprise when I came across the following:
Kitchen: Prevent accidents – Moss Agate is highly protective and stabilises the fiery energy associated with cookers
 … also associated with maternal love.
What better stone to connect with Sigyn? She stabilises Loki’s fiery energy and devotes herself to his care when he is imprisoned and bound, and she is a mother of two sons. Now this is where things get either strange or synchronous, depending on your personal beliefs: back in April I was trawling ebay and came across a small Moss Agate bowl, which I thought would be perfect as a devotional gift for Sigyn. I didn’t even think about the stone it was made of, just the bowl itself, which is one of the central symbols of her story.

Sigyn Moss Agate
Why I didn’t think to look up the properties of Moss Agate escapes me, as usually I research these kinds of things straight away. To rectify this I have now done a bit of research and thought I would share my findings.

Moss Agate is a stabilising stone, and helps to bring peace to those who experience mood swings or those with a lot of emotional drama in their lives. ‘No matter how difficult those circumstances may be, Moss Agate gives insight into the reason behind them.’¹ If you think about how much Sigyn went through not only with Loki, but losing one of her sons to become Loki’s fetters and the other to a curse, these properties seem very appropriate.
Moss Agate is also beneficial for people convalescing after an illness, or in recovery from addiction.² Its energy is said to be supportive, and what else is Sigyn but supportive? She married Loki, obviously knowing his character, and she stayed with him throughout his ordeal in the cave.

‘It is a stone of new beginnings and release from blockages or spiritual fetters’¹ – One of Sigyn’s heiti is ‘incantation fetter’, and she stays with Loki through all the time he is bound, until his escape from his fetters at Ragnarok. Following on from this, Moss Agate is also said to encourage you to try one more time, ‘inspiring with new ideas after a period of stagnation.’ Sigyn never seems to give up, even after the binding of her husband and the loss of her children. It’s a stone of endurance and persistence, but also of optimism.

Moss Agate is also associated with plants and agriculture, a possible connection for those who believe Sigyn may have Vanir ancestry, or a link to nature. It was used in Persia to help crops grow, ‘as a good example of sympathetic magick,’³ due to the plant-like appearance of the inclusions in the stone. It also helps to open up awareness to the devas and Nature Spirits.

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Why Amethyst For Isis?

Amethyst is a fairly traditional crystal to use in connection with Isis, but most times the reason behind it is not explained. Isis is often referred to as ‘Great of Magic’, and even succeeded in tricking the great god Ra into giving her his secret name; a source of power. She is also a goddess of healing, restoring life to her husband Osiris’s body long enough for her to conceive their child, Horus. In modern Pagan and Wiccan mythos she has also become the symbol of the divine matriarch, psychic initiation and a symbol of the moon. She is also considered part of a holy triad alongside the resurrected Osiris and their son Horus.

Amethyst is widely touted for its psychic, protective and magical properties. It is also a facilitator for furthering magical and arcane knowledge, as well as being an all-round healer. Amethyst is known as a stone that can regenerate the energy of depleted crystals and, ‘acts as a barrier against lower energies,’¹ as Isis protected her infant son from the threat of his uncle, Set. So there you have it, some of the reasons why Amethyst and Isis are such a good match.

Amethyst is relatively cheap in comparison to a lot of the newer and rarer crystals and is widely available; a perfect addition to your Isis toolkit.

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