Visit Philae Temple from home!

If you cannot go to Egypt to see the wonders of Philae Temple despair not. Many of us can’t travel as much as we’d like, whether the reason is illness, time, money or safety concerns, so imagine my delight when I found out about this project. Describing Egypt is a modern take on the old Description de l’Egypte, capturing the splendor of Ancient Egypt’s monuments in 360°. As well as Philae the group have also captured the tombs of Rammesses VI, Sennedjem, the mastaba of Ptah-Hotep and Akhet-Hotep, and the mastaba of Ty.


Friday Finds

Time for a new feature. Every first Friday of the month I will share links to some wonderful Pagan/ Spiritual items.

First up is DeBaun Fine Ceramics – I have bought a scarab bowl off this lady and my mum has a beautiful Mother Mary shrine from her. She’s in the USA so we have to buy from her before my brother’s yearly visit home to the UK; my purchases this year are the gorgeous Shiva sculpture and a custom Hathor shrine. I just have to hope my brother can fit them in his case or I may have to pay for him to have an extra bag… the things we do for the Gods and Goddesses we adore!

Here are just a few of the many items she makes:

Isis incense bowl


Isis Shrine


Hathor Shrine


Gaia turquoise

Gaia gold

Gaia gold shrine

Hekate vase

Hekate vase

Hekate shrine

Hekate shrine

Shiva sculpture

Shiva sculpture


Connecting with Mother energies

Mother’s Day is a time to honour the role of the mother in society, but there are many facets to a mother. The mythologies of the Norse and Egyptian peoples abound in examples of motherly, nurturing, protective, fierce and magical women. If only society today could recognise that ‘mother’ can mean so many things. The following are some of my suggestions for honouring the divine feminine in your life on Mother’s Day, including a couple of less conventional ones.
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Why Amethyst For Isis?

Amethyst is a fairly traditional crystal to use in connection with Isis, but most times the reason behind it is not explained. Isis is often referred to as ‘Great of Magic’, and even succeeded in tricking the great god Ra into giving her his secret name; a source of power. She is also a goddess of healing, restoring life to her husband Osiris’s body long enough for her to conceive their child, Horus. In modern Pagan and Wiccan mythos she has also become the symbol of the divine matriarch, psychic initiation and a symbol of the moon. She is also considered part of a holy triad alongside the resurrected Osiris and their son Horus.

Amethyst is widely touted for its psychic, protective and magical properties. It is also a facilitator for furthering magical and arcane knowledge, as well as being an all-round healer. Amethyst is known as a stone that can regenerate the energy of depleted crystals and, ‘acts as a barrier against lower energies,’¹ as Isis protected her infant son from the threat of his uncle, Set. So there you have it, some of the reasons why Amethyst and Isis are such a good match.

Amethyst is relatively cheap in comparison to a lot of the newer and rarer crystals and is widely available; a perfect addition to your Isis toolkit.

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