Summer Solstice oracle reading

I recently started a blog for weekly & monthly oracle readings, and ones for the New and Full Moons. It’s my own ‘style’ of reading, which won’t be for everyone, but I’m enjoying opening up to an old love in a new way. I tend to focus on personal growth, self-care and encouragement of individuality, so if you’re interested in these kinds of things you might like to take a look. If not that’s fine too!

It’s a new thing for me to share openly but it’s not new to me. It’s something I’ve loved doing since I bought my first set of cards around 12 years ago. I spent around four years in a spiritual development group where, amongst other things, we would practice card readings for each other. Unfortunately the group disbanded, and as my health deteriorated I wasn’t able to try out any others.
The last year I’ve been working with my various cards more and more, and earlier this year I kept feeling the urge to do weekly readings. I pushed it away but finally I couldn’t ignore it any longer and I set up a blog.

I may be changing the name in the near future. As I build up confidence I’m starting to be more open about parts of myself I’ve hidden away. This is one small part of the process of reclaiming my Self.

Anyway, here is my Summer Solstice reading:

Wishing you well for the Solstice,


Equinox 2018 poem

Happy Equinox, everyone. May Winter’s pall make way for Spring’s more inviting shawl.

As it looked through the haze
The Sun saw it then;
The seed was a seed no more,
But with Spring’s eyes
It had shed its disguise
And was coming at last
Into bloom.
Out at last
From Winter’s gloom.

(c) Michelle G, Northern Tamarisk, 2018

Quote on light and the darkness by Emma Restall Orr

I came across this quote last night and thought it would be appropriate to share in time for Samhain. As we learn to embrace the nights drawing in we learn also to embrace the dark within, the cycle of decay associated with the coming of winter, and the things we have to release or let go of as cycles in our own lives come to their conclusion.

Access to light, day and night, is now considered by most a human right.
To the Pagan, that is ludicrous. More consciously aware of the power of light, and all that it allows, darkness is a profoundly potent word. It speaks of all that is hard to understand within nature, the infinite space of the universe, the energy of the night, of winter, of death, of decay and entropy. There are here no connotations of negativity; darkness is that which necessarily balances and embraces light. It contains those aspects of nature that are not known or not knowable, the void and the density, the mysteries beyond current comprehension. The word expresses all that could happen; in the poetry of Paganism, it is the cauldron of potential, the womb of rebirth, the rich mud in which the seed germinates.

– Emma Restall Orr, Living With Honour: A Pagan Ethics, ch. 2

Friday Finds : Hella items Samhain special

I’m resurrecting Friday Finds, since I haven’t done one for a while. Here are some of my favourite Hella items available on Etsy at the moment:

Hella statue

Hella Statue by L’Artefatto Esoterica (Italy) –

Hella statue 2

by PantheonSkulptur (Sweden) –  –  I personally can attest to the quality of these – I have a gold Hella from PantheonSkulptur

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Beltane Fires ‘Release’ Ideas

At Beltane cattle were often herded between two fires to cleanse them. It’s also believed the heat killed off the insects, and that the cattle were blessed by the process.

One way we could take advantage of this custom ourselves is to do a meditation asking a particular God or Goddess to safely surround and suffuse you with Their flames. You can ask for help to cleanse any negativity or release any ties that you need to let go of. Deities aren’t limited to the way Their energies and healing can work, but they may have a particular speciality you can call upon.
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