Thoth’s Library

Thoth’s Library

A selection of Books, Articles and Links I have found particularly useful, informative or enjoyable.
(List to be updated)


Egyptian Religion, Temples and Mythology:

▪ Description of Egypt – Gilles Néret
(English, German and French with many beautiful engravings and drawings commissioned by Napoleon to publicise his finds during his Egyptian campaign.)
▪ Oxford Essential Guide to Egyptian Mythology – Edited by Donald B. Redford
(A fairly comprehensive guide to the Gods, Goddesses and various symbols involved in the myths.)
▪ The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead – R.O. Faulkner
▪ The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt – Richard H. Wilkinson
▪ The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt – Richard H. Wilkinson
▪ The Temples of Karnak – Schwaller de Lubicz

Individual Studies of Egyptian Deities + Egyptian Devotionals:

▪ Hathor: A Reintroduction to an Ancient Egyptian Goddess – Lesley Jackson 
▪  Isis: Eternal Goddess of Egypt and Rome – Lesley Jackson
▪ Thoth: The History of the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom – Lesley Jackson (study)
▪ Images of Set: Changing Impressions of a multi-faceted God – Joan Ann Lansberry
(in-depth historical study of the development of the God Set/Seth/Sutekh. SEE MY REVIEW HERE).

Egyptian History:

▪ Amarna: Ancient Egypt’s Age of Revolution – Barbara Watterson
▪ Chronicle of the Pharaohs – Peter A. Clayton
▪ Daily Life in Ancient Egypt – Ana Ruiz
Egypt’s Sun King – Joann Fletcher
▪ The Age of Akhenaten
▪ The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt – Ian Shaw

Egyptian Amulets and Magic:

▪ Amulets of Ancient Egypt – Carol Andrews
(A detailed study of Egyptian amulets with lots of photos, though most are in black and white.)

Egyptian Plants and Healing:

▪ An Ancient Egyptian Herbal – Lisa Manniche
(Gives information on the general uses of plants and herbs in Ancient Egyptian daily and ritual life. The main section is the herbal and includes the various names for each as well as what the Egyptians used them for. At the back is a list of the Egyptian plant names quoted by Dioscorides.)
▪ Sacred Luxuries – Lisa Manniche
(Beautifully illustrated, with chapters on Ingredients, Scent in the Temple, Kyphi and Tiryac, Recipe for Luxury, Scent for Love and Rebirth, Fragrant Remedies, The Art of Cosmetics.)

Egyptian – General & Other:

▪ Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Persian Costume – Mary G. Houston
▪ Dictionary of Ancient Egypt – Toby Wilkinson
▪ Egypt: The World of the Pharaohs – Edited by Régine Schulz and Matthias Seidel
▪ The British Museum Dictionary of Ancient Egypt – Ian Shaw and Paul Nicholson
▪ The Cat in Ancient Egypt – Jaromir Malek
▪ The Treasure of the Pyramids – Zahi Hawass

Egyptian Paganism:

Egyptian Paganism, Other:

▪ Encyclopedia of Spirits – Judika Illes
(Has various entries on Egyptian gods and goddesses with varying amounts of information.)
▪ The Witches’ God – Janet & Stewart Farrar
(Although a book on gods in general, this includes some very interesting chapters on Osiris, Thoth, Ra and Amun-Ra. Also explored in separate chapters are themes integral to understanding more about the Egyptian myths.)
▪ The Witches’ Goddess – Janet & Stewart Farrar
(A book on goddesses in general, exploring themes integral to understanding more about the Egyptian myths. Unfortunately there are only individual chapters dedicated to Maat and Isis.)
Museum and Exhibition Guides, Special Editions:

▪ Egyptian Art from the Amarna Period – Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (Copenhagen, Denmark)
▪ Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek: Egypt vol 1 (3000 – 1550 B.C.)
(Includes pictures of stele, false doors, wooden statues and two beautiful faience collars – ÆIN 1562 and ÆIN 1617.)
▪ Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek: Egypt vol 2 (1500 – 1080 B.C.)
(Includes a section on their collection from the Amarna period. They have a lovely quartzite bust of an Amarna princess – ÆIN 1663 –  and a beautiful relief of Kiya that was reworked for Meritaten – ÆIN 1776. There is also a ‘Decorative Arts’ section with some very interesting items like a wooden unguent spoon and a faience bead depicting Nefertiti and Akhenaten – ÆIN 1791.)
▪ Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek: Egypt vol 3 (1080 BC – AD 400)
(Detailing their collection of coffins, mummies and mummy adornments from the Third Intermediate, Late Ptolemaic and the Roman periods.)
▪ Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek: Egypt vol 5 (Egyptian Bronzes)
(Detailing their beautiful collection of bronzes; some really lovely pieces, including a stunning and rare depiction of the Set – ÆIN 614)
▪ National Geographic: Treasures of Egypt
(A Collection of beautiful photos of some of Egypt’s greatest treasures and monuments.)


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    • I haven’t really thought about it, but when I’ve read snippets about Hermes, who some link to Thoth, I have noticed certain connections between Hermes and Loki.
      I would be interested to read your thoughts on a link between Thoth and Loki if you would write about it 🙂


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