Why ‘Northern Tamarisk’?

I love mythology, and have done since I could read. I love stories about the Gods and Goddesses. I love reading as much as I can about them, and I love finding links, parallels and similarities in symbolism between different cultures’ mythology.
My two greatest mythology-loves are the tales of the Ancient Egyptians and the Norse. In reading the Norse myths again in 2012 I was struck by common rebirth themes in the tales of the deaths of Osiris and Balder.

Both are tales of rebirth, and both cultures have sacred trees that are symbolic on many levels, including rebirth. I wanted a name that would incorporate both my Northern and Southern hemisphere mythology-loves. Norsemen were also called Northmen, they lived in the Northern hemisphere, which also includes the Anglo Saxon and Celtic roots I have, as well as my Scandinavian ancestors. The Tamarisk tree is the Southern element; the Egyptians, the Underworld, resurrection and rebirth. There’s also the added bonus of there being a Tamarisk Beetle, which ties in nicely with the Scarab Deity Khepera, Who is a God I particularly love. He also represents rebirth, as He rolls out the sun in the morning.

The combination of elements gave me a rich symbolism of my own; highly personalised and yet relatable for others too. I chose the ouroboros alongside the scarab to represent the Northern element of the rebirth cycle, and because I love snakes, and they were sacred in Ancient Egypt too. The Ancient Egyptians even had their own ouroboros, Mehen.

So ‘Northern Tamarisk’ is about tying together two cultures I love dearly, themes I resonate with strongly, Deities I respect, and symbolism that has a deep meaning for me.